Dot Translate
97% of all content online is not accessible to the blind or visually impaired.
Dot Translate is an AI-based English to Braille translator that unlocks all digital content for the blind and visually impaired. It translates anything from English to Braille 2 - allowing the blind and visually impaired to access knowledge and entertainment they never thought possible.

Due to some concerns our client had, this case study is password protected. 
Please email me at for the passcode.  
Creative Direction & Concept:
Alex Schill – Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group · Franz Röppischer – Creative Director, Serviceplan Innovation · Lorenz Langgartner – Creative Director, Serviceplan Innovation · Saurabh Kakade – Creative Producer, Serviceplan Innovation · Eduardo Alvarez – Art Director, Serviceplan Innovation · Carolina Soto – Junior Copywriter, Serviceplan Innovation · Julie Kang – CEO, Serviceplan Korea · Yujin Ko – Senior Account Manger, Serviceplan Innovation · Yerim Kim – Account Executive , Serviceplan Korea · Jihyun Seo – Art Director, Serviceplan Korea · Yoon Seo – Copywriter, Serviceplan Korea
Digital Development:
Dieter Pries – Founder and Managing Director, HYPERINTERACTIVE GmbH · Elena Pries – Strategic Planner and Project Manager, HYPERINTERACTIVE GmbH · Bozhidar Yoychev – AI Director, HYPERINTERACTIVE GmbH · Anton Petrov – AI Engineer, HYPERINTERACTIVE GmbH · Vasil Vasilev – Data Anaylist, HYPERINTERACTIVE GmbH
Digital Design:
Maximilian Heitsch – Co-Founder and Creative Director, Moby Digg GmbH · Niklas May – Information Architect and Developer, Moby Digg GmbH · Sebastian Haiss – Designer, Moby Digg GmbH · Marco Kawan – Trainee, Moby Digg GmbH · Daniel Kuhnlein – Creative Coder, Standardabweichung Interaktives Design · Young Woo Choi – Designer, cloudandco · Nara Ok – Graphic Designer, cloudandco
Eric Ju Yoon Kim – CEO, Dot Incorporation · Jae Seong Joo – CDO, Dot Incorporation · Ki Sung – CTO, Dot Incorporation · Ahrum Choi – Director of Social Impact, Dot Incorporation · Jimin Ryu – Global Partnership Manager, Dot Incorporation · Yeong Kyu Yoo – Creative Director , Dot Incorporation · Ki Hwan Joo – Designer, Dot Incorporation
Kyungsin Kim – Producer, Paulus Co. Ltd. · Dahoon Chung – Director, Paulus Co. Ltd. · Yongsang Cho – DOP, Paulus Co. Ltd. · Handong Ryu – Cinematographer, Paulus Co. Ltd.