Over 300 million shoes are thrown out each year, and some of their materials take hundreds of year to decompose. 
 The Cloudneo is the first high-performance running shoe, designed to be recycled. Created exclusively for On's Cyclon circularity program, the shoe's materials can be reused over and over again, minimising waste. Best of all? It doesn't compromise on performance. Featuring Helion HF, On's most technical running foam, and an extreme rocker shape to reduce ground impact, it’s designed for athletes – people who run thousands of kilometres and go through multiple shoes per year.
Creative Direction & Concept:
Alex Griffin – CMO · Jonatan Akay – Creative Director · Carolina Soto – Copywriter · Michel Giesbrecht – Art Director · Georgia Taunton – Designer & Video Editor · Michele Brianza – Brand Designer · Alessandro Simone – Creative Producer · Mariana Alvarez – Marketing Specialist · Valentina Mandozzi – Marketing Lead
Research & Development:
Caspar Coppetti – Co-Founder · Ilmarin Heitz – Sr. Director of Innovation · Nils Altrogge – Head of Innovation Technology · Nils Altrogge – Head of Innovation Technology · JP Romain – Head of Innovation Materials · Francois-Xavier Dosne – Head of Innovation Strategy · Martin Ruegg – Product Designer 
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